AMD Embedded GPU and APU Driver 16.150.2001 WHQL

AMD Embedded GPU and APU Driver 16.150.2001 WHQL. - AMD has rolled out a new Catalyst package developed for its embedded Radeon graphics and accelerated processing units (GPU and APU), namely version 16.150.2001 WHQL
graphics driver.

Fixes & Enhancements:

- General bug fixes​

Support for following advanced features on select devices:

- EDID emulation with MST support
- 1x4 and 4x1 Eyefinity configurations
- 10-bit color​

Devices Supported:

Radeon HD 5770, Radeon HD 6250 (G-T16R, G-T40E, G-T40N, G-T40R, G-T44R), Radeon HD 6290 (G-T40N), Radeon HD 6310 (G-T48N, G-T52R, G-T56N), Radeon HD 6320 (G-T56N), Radeon E6460, Radeon E6760, Radeon E8860, Radeon E8860 PCIe, Radeon E8870 MXM, Radeon WMS E8870 MXM, Radeon E8950 MXM, Radeon HD 6970M, Radeon HD 7400G (R-252F), Radeon HD 7420G (R-268D), Radeon HD 7480D, Radeon HD 7500G (R-260H), Radeon HD 7520G (R-272F), Radeon HD 7540D, Radeon HD 7560D, Radeon HD 7600G (R-452L), Radeon HD 7620G (R-460L), Radeon HD 7640G (R-460H), Radeon HD 7660D, Radeon HD 7660G (R-464L), Radeon HD 7800, Radeon HD 7970M, Radeon HD 8180E (GX-209HA, GX-210JA), Radeon HD 8210E (GX-210HA, GX-411GA), Radeon HD 8280E (GX-217GA), Radeon HD 8330E (GX-415GA), Radeon HD 8400E (GX-420CA), Radeon R1E Graphics (GX-210JC), Radeon R2E Graphics (GX-212JC), Radeon R3E Graphics (GX-412HC), Radeon R4 Graphics (RX-225FB), Radeon R4E Graphics (GX-216HC), Radeon R5 Graphics (RX-216GD), Radeon R5E Graphics (GX-222GC, GX-424CC), Radeon R6 Graphics (RX-418GD), Radeon R6 Graphics (RX-425BB), Radeon R6E Graphics (GX-217GI), Radeon R7 Graphics (RX-421BD) ou Radeon R7 Graphics (RX-427BB).

AMD Embedded GPU and APU Driver 16.150.2001 WHQL

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