AMD USB 3.0 Controller Version

AMD USB 3.0 Controller Version - AMD has rolled out the USB 3.0 Controller Version driver, which has been specifically for OS Windows 7 - 32/64 bit. AMD USB 3.0 drivers for Hudson-3/Bolton/Kabini/Mullins/Carrizo family chipsets.

The driver package includes drivers for AMD USB 3.0 xHC host controller and hubs
that attach to the host controller. The drivers are for Hudson-3 family chipsets.

Supported Operating Systems Win7, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Version (01/21/2015)
    Fix BUG4:  [Win7]Ramos AR BSOD 0x9F
    Fix OBS4:  [CZ] usb3.0 port lost device when running S4 on the Win7-32bit
    Fix OBS4:  Audio goes off while system resume from S3 on W7 OS
    Add xHC device id for  the new chipset support

AMD USB 3.0 Controller Version

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