Asmedia ASM-104x/107x Drivers Version 1.16.24 WHQL

Asmedia ASM-104x/107x Drivers Version 1.16.24 WHQL. - New version driver chipsets (controllers SATA / USB 3.0, USB 3.1) Asmedia. To recap, the ASM-107x and ASM-104X chipset (eg ASM1142) incorporate a vast majority  found on many of the Serie Z97 & X99 line of matherboard.

ASM1142 is an ASMedia first Universal Serial Bus 3.1 host controller, compliant with Intel eXtensible Hot Controller Interface specification revision 1.1, bridging PCI Express interface to two ports of USB3.1, up to 10Gbps high speed bandwidth, backward compatible with legacy USB function and devices. It can configure PCI Express as Gen2x2 or Gen3x1, compliant with USB Attach SCSI Protocol revision 1.0, supporting the functions of debugport.

ASM1142 integrates ASMedia self-designed PCI Express/USB 3.1 PHY, and it also integrates two internal regulators to supply normal core power and suspend core power, supporting the driver on Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1 and various Linux Kernels. The application of ASM1142 includes Motherboard, Desktop PC, Notebooks, Workstations, Servers, Add-in card, PCI Express based embedded platform.

Date & Version drivers: 02/12/2015,


  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Vista
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Vista x64 Editio
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win7
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win7 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win8
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win8 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win8.1
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win8.1 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2012 R2 x64 Edition

Code Ids:

%ASMEDIA_Product_1%=ASMEDIA_Product1_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1040&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_2%=ASMEDIA_Product2_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1040&REV_01 %ASMEDIA_Product_3%=ASMEDIA_Product3_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1040&REV_02 %ASMEDIA_Product_4%=ASMEDIA_Product4_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1041&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_5%=ASMEDIA_Product5_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1041&REV_01 %ASMEDIA_Product_6%=ASMEDIA_Product6_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1041&REV_02 %ASMEDIA_Product_7%=ASMEDIA_Product7_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1042&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_8%=ASMEDIA_Product8_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1042&REV_01 %ASMEDIA_Product_9%=ASMEDIA_Product9_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1042&REV_02 %ASMEDIA_Product_10%=ASMEDIA_Product10_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1142&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_11%=ASMEDIA_Product11_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1240&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_12%=ASMEDIA_Product12_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1241&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_13%=ASMEDIA_Product13_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1242&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_14%=ASMEDIA_Product14_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1042&SUBSYS_84881043&REV_00 %ASMEDIA_Product_15%=ASMEDIA_Product15_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1042&SUBSYS_84881043&REV_01 %ASMEDIA_Product_16%=ASMEDIA_Product16_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1042&SUBSYS_84881043&REV_02 %ASMEDIA_Product_17%=ASMEDIA_Product17_Install,PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_1142&SUBSYS_85BF1043&REV_00

Asmedia ASM-104x/107x Drivers Version 1.16.24 WHQL

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