Qualcomm/Atheros Killer Performance Suite Version

Qualcomm/Atheros Killer Performance Suite Version - Qualcomm has made available its Killer Suite version compatible with the Killer 1525, 1535, 1202, and E2200 wireless adapters, which implements a new Killer Bandwidth Control driver installation mechanism and includes a few other changes.

Software/Package Version:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64)
DriverVer =

Killer Network Manager/Killer Service:
Added Killer logo splash when starting application if it has been closed.
Improved Applications page load time in all cases.
Added transition animation for Applications page. Systems with many network items running could cause Applications page to take up to a few seconds to load – this animation helps to indicate to the user that the application is working and not just paused.
Adjustments to the Settings page to improve handling and layout which would affect some European languages with long strings.
Fixed issue where IPv4 Gateway was incorrectly displayed when user set STATIC IP address.
Reworked drawing of WiFi Manager tile to prevent a very rare case where it could be populated more than once.
Corrected decimal/fraction entry on Settings page in the Upload and Download bandwidth settings.
Added sort arrow on Applications page to indicate direction that apps were being sorted.
Other UI enhancements.
Changed “Enabled Bandwidth Control” to “Enable Advanced Stream Detect”
Killer Bandwidth Control Driver:
Fixes in stability and functionality to Killer Bandwidth Control filter driver.


- Killer 1525
- Killer 1535
- Killer 1202
- Killer 1102/1103
- Killer E2200
- Killer E2400

Qualcomm/Atheros Killer Performance Suite Version

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