Broadcom Management Applications Installer

Broadcom Management Applications Installer - This software allows you to install various utilities for network cards Broadcom: SNMP agent, BACS (Broadcom Advanced Control Suite), BASP (Broadcom Advanced Server Program). Supported OS: Windows 2003-32/64, Windows 2008-32/64, Windows 2008 R2-32/64, Windows 2012-32/64, Windows 2012 R2-32/64, Windows XP-32/64, Vista-32/64, Windows 7-32/64, Windows 8-32/64, Windows 8.1-32/64.

Broadcom Management Applications Installer software for motherboards and network cards Briadcom equipped with a:

NetLink BCM5781, NetLink BCM5786, NetLink BCM5787, NetLink BCM5788, NetLink BCM5789, NetXtreme BCM5700, NetXtreme BCM5701, NetXtreme BCM5702, NetXtreme BCM5703, NetXtreme BCM5704, NetXtreme BCM5705, NetXtreme BCM5714, NetXtreme BCM5715, NetXtreme BCM5717, NetXtreme BCM5718, NetXtreme BCM5719, NetXtreme BCM5720, NetXtreme BCM5721, NetXtreme BCM5722, NetXtreme BCM5723, NetXtreme BCM5725, NetXtreme BCM5750, NetXtreme BCM5751, NetXtreme BCM5752, NetXtreme BCM5753, NetXtreme BCM5754, NetXtreme BCM5755, NetXtreme BCM5756, NetXtreme BCM5761, NetXtreme BCM5762, NetXtreme BCM5764, NetXtreme BCM5780, NetXtreme BCM5782, NetXtreme BCM57760, NetXtreme BCM57761, NetXtreme BCM57765, NetXtreme BCM57766, NetXtreme BCM5901, NetXtreme BCM5906, NetXtreme II BCM5706, NetXtreme II BCM5708, NetXtreme II BCM5709, NetXtreme II BCM5716, NetXtreme II BCM57710, NetXtreme II BCM57711, NetXtreme II BCM57711E, NetXtreme II BCM57712, NetXtreme II BCM57800, NetXtreme II BCM57810 and NetXtreme II BCM57840.

News :
- Update of the BACS utility to version 17.0.3,
- Update the BACScli utility to version 17.0.3,
- Update the BASP6 utility to version 1.7.0.
- Update the BMAPI utility to version17.0.3,
- Update of the CIM utility to version 17.0.4,
- Update the SNMP utility  to vesion  17.0.0,

Broadcom Management Applications Installer - 32 bit

Broadcom Management Applications Installer - 64 bit

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