C-Media CMI-106 USB Audio drivers

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C-Media CMI-106 USB Audio drivers - CM106-F+/ L+ is a highly integrated single chip USB audio solution. All essential analog modules are embedded in CM106F+/L+, including 8CH DAC and earphone buffer, 2CH ADC, microphone booster, PLL, regulator, and USB transceiver.

This chip design can provided more efficiency features and high quality sound for high end USB audio products application. It is very suitable for USB external audio box, USB multi-channel headphone, USB Ducking System,
USB Portable Home Theater Adoptoror and USB audio interface multi-channel speaker set
application. CM106F+/L+ is design for all kind of PC base USB multi-media audio device products. It is USB 2.0 full speed compatible and utilizes USB bus power for plug-and-play feature. Via C-Media Xear 3D Sound USB audio driver, users can avail themselves of a much better virtual 7.1 CH environment capable. Moreover, Xear 3D sound also supported unique enviromentFX, 10 band equalizer sound effects and Karaoke function. For high-end consumer application, this multi-media audio device can easy to processing any sound source to Dolby Digital AC-3 and DTS interactive raw data by real-time encoding function. The world first innovation software function to grade up every PC system and output high quality digital sound effects for link up with high-end home theater equipment.

C-Media CMI-106 USB Audio drivers

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