Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version Lenovo

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Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version Lenovo. - Drivers for notebook touchpads from the company Lenovo. Drivers provide a touch panel operation in the operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 at 32 and 64 bits.

Info about the driver:
Name: Elan TouchPad Driver for Lenovo laptop
Driver Version: 03/08/2017,
OS: Windows Windows 7/8/8.1/10 at 32 or 64 bits
Supported devices:
;%ThinkPadDeviceDesc% = LEN0040_Inst, *ETD9999,*ETD0000,*PNP0F13,*PNP0F0E,*PNP0F03,*PNP0F12,*PNP0F0B ; Hardware ID
;%ThinkPadDeviceDesc% = ETD8888_Inst, *ETD0000 ; Hardware ID HCK
%ThinkPadDeviceDesc% = LEN0040_Inst, *ETD9999,*ETD0000,*ETD0609 ; Hardware ID
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0001 ; ELAN PS2 SmartPad
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0606_Inst, *ETD0606 ; SmartPad for Lenovo
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0613_Inst, *ETD0613,*ETD0625,*ETD0626 ; SmartPad for Lenovo
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0615_Inst, *ETD0615,*ETD0621,*ETD0622 ; ClickPad for Lenovo Z/Y/U/S Series
%ThinkPadDeviceDesc% = LEN0040_Inst, *LEN0040 ; SmartPad Dual Mode for Japan Lenovo (Not Support Z)
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0618_Inst, *ETD0618 ; SmartPad for Bitland N480
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0619_Inst, *ETD0619 ; ClickPad for Pegatron S Series(Base on 0615)
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0615_Inst, *ETD060A ; ClickPad for U510
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD060B_Inst, *ETD060B ; ClickPad for LC Y401/501
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD060D_Inst, *ETD060D,*ETD0620 ; ClickPad for LC Venus2 SMBus+PS2, Vienna
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD060E_Inst, *ETD060E ; SmartPad for Pegatron G700 (Base on 0605)
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD060F_Inst, *ETD060F ; ClickPad for Quanta
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD061A_Inst, *ETD061A ; SmartPad for Bitland
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0613_Inst, *ETD061B ; SmartPad for Compal
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD061C_Inst, *ETD061C ; ClickPad for LCFC Z series
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD061D_Inst, *ETD061D ; Venus3
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD061E_Inst, *ETD061E ; S410 Flex, S510 Flex
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD061F_Inst, *ETD061F ; ClickPad for Bitland
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0623_Inst, *ETD0623 ; SmartPad for LCFC S8442D-71H3
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0624_Inst, *ETD0624 ; SmartPad for LCFC SA050D-77H5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0627_Inst, *ETD0628 ; ClickPad for Wistron Flex/Carrera
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0629_Inst, *ETD0629 ; SmartPad for Bitland E10
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD062A_Inst, *ETD062A ; SmartPad for Lenovo K series v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD062B_Inst, *ETD062B ; ClickPad for Compal Y40-80 series v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD062C_Inst, *ETD062C ; M50W v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD062D_Inst, *ETD062D ; v5.5 spec for Win7 (Z40-75) v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD062E_Inst, *ETD062E ; v5.5 spec for Win7 (Z50-75) v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD062F_Inst, *ETD062F ; v5.5 spec for Win7 (ZIWBx14) v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0630_Inst, *ETD0630 ; v5.5 spec for Win7 (ZIWBx 14/15) v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0631_Inst, *ETD0631,*ETD0627 ; v5.5 spec for Win7 (Wistron Carrera) v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0632_Inst, *ETD0632 ; ClickPad for S435/M40-35 series v5.5
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0633_Inst, *ETD0633 ; ClickPad for LC41
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0634_Inst, *ETD0634 ; ClickPad for LT41
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0635_Inst, *ETD0635 ; ClickPad for Haydn
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0636_Inst, *ETD0636 ; ClickPad for LT41 (Tesla) NFC
%LenovoDeviceDesc% = ETD0637_Inst, *ETD0637 ; ClickPad for LT41 (Tesla) Non-NFC
%ThinkPadDeviceDesc% = LEN9999_Inst, *LEN9999 ; SmartPad Dual Mode for Japan Lenovo Five Button

Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version Lenovo Win 7/8.1/10

Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version Lenovo Windows XP

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