Intel Thunderbolt Software Version WHQL

Intel Thunderbolt Software Version WHQL. - This download record provides firmware and drivers for the Thunderbolt technology. Although Intel currently holds a monopoly on Thunderbolt-capable controllers, the tech is actually available in several flavors. Supported OS: Windows 10 - 64 bits.

DriverVer = 01/25/2018,

Supported Operating Systems
  Windows* 10  64-bit
Supported Thunderbolt Controllers

  DSL6540/6340  Series - "Alpine Ridge"  
  JHL6540/6340  Series - "Alpine Ridge"  
  JHL6240       Series - "Alpine Ridge LP"
  JHL7540/7340  Series - "Titan Ridge"     

  - Hotfix: Race condition between Service Shutdown and OS Sx entry flow (see fixed issue #1604629561)

Intel Thunderbolt Controller drivers WHQL

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