Intel Thunderbolt Controller drivers 2.0.4 WHQL

Intel Thunderbolt Controller drivers 2.0.4 WHQL. - This download record provides firmware and drivers for the Thunderbolt technology. Although Intel currently holds a monopoly on Thunderbolt-capable controllers, the tech is actually available in several flavors. Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Supported Operating Systems

  Windows* 7   32-bit
  Windows  7   64-bit
  Windows  8.1 64-bit

Supported Thunderbolt Controllers

  L4000 Series
  L5000 Series
  L5110 Series

Version 2.0.4:
  -  Added support for L5110 controllers
  -  Added a service component to the SW stack
  -  The SW components (driver, service and System Tray application) will start automatically
     when a new Thunderbolt device is connected and will go down when no devices are connected
     (except if user has one of these screens open: Settings, Manage Approved Devices).
  -  When Policy settings are changed via the system tray application the settings are applied
     to connected devices without the need to disconnect them.
  -  System Tray application displays error messages when in No Security mode (Legacy mode).
  -  System Tray application supports moving devices from "connect once" to "always connect" via
     the Approve Devices dialog.
  -  When a non-admin connects a new device there will be a persistent dialog indicating the
     new device (instead of a balloon that disappears).
  -  Removed support from Windows 8 32b & 64b and from Windows 8.1 32b.

Intel Thunderbolt Controller drivers 2.0.4 WHQL

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