Adata SSD ToolBox 1.2.1

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Adata SSD ToolBox 1.2.1. - This software can find useful information on the brand Adata SSD (model, firmware version, and total capacity used, serial number, volume of written data, operating temperature, health status, life remaining, SMART data.

It also helps to diagnose the drive to verify the proper execution of read and write all the storage space. It also proposes to erase the SSD (Secure Erase), export the logs to a text file or to direct the user to the page of the website of the trademark for download the latest firmware. This toolkit also allows to optimize certain parameters of the operating system for better performance with SSD ( Superfetch, Prefetch, memory usage by the NTFS file system cache ... ) . Finally, this software provides system information (CPU, memory, motherboard ... ).

SSD ToolBox supported Solid-State Drive (SSD) Adata:

S396 30 Go (AS396S-30GM-C), S396 60 Go (AS396S-60GM-C), S396 120 Go (AS396S-120GM-C), S510 60 Go (AS510S3-60GM-C), S510 120 Go (AS510S3-120GM-C), S511 60 Go (AS511S3-60GM-C), S511 120 Go (AS511S3-120GM-C), S511 240 Go (AS511S3-240GM-C), S511 480 Go (AS511S3-480GM-C), Premier SP800 32 Go (ASP800S-32GM-C), Premier SP800 64 Go (ASP800S-64GM-C), Premier Pro SP300 24 Go (ASP300S-24GM-C), Premier Pro SP300 32 Go (ASP300S-32GM-C), Premier Pro SP300 64 Go (ASP300S-64GM-C), Premier Pro SP310 32 Go (ASP310S3-32GM-C), Premier Pro SP310 64 Go (ASP310S3-64GM-C), Premier Pro SP310 128 Go (ASP310S3-128GM-C), Premier Pro SP600 32 Go (ASP600S3-32GM-C), Premier Pro SP600 64 Go (ASP600S3-64GM-C), Premier Pro SP600 128 Go (ASP600S3-128GM-C), Premier Pro SP600 256 Go (ASP600S3-256GM-C), Premier Pro SP600 256 Go (ASP600S3-256GM-NP), Premier Pro SP900 64 Go (ASP900S3-64GM-C), Premier Pro SP900 128 Go (ASP900S3-128GM-C), Premier Pro SP900 256 Go (ASP900S3-256GM-C), XPG SX900 64 Go (ASX900S3-64GM-C), XPG SX300 64 Go (ASX300S3-64GM-C), XPG SX300 64 Go (ASX300S3-64GM-HG), XPG SX300 128 Go (ASX300S3-128GM-C), XPG SX300 128 Go (ASX300S3-128GM-HG), XPG SX300 256 Go (ASX300S3-256GM-C), XPG SX300 256 Go (ASX300S3-256GM-HG), XPG SX900 128 Go (ASX900S3-128GM-C), XPG SX900 256 Go (ASX900S3-256GM-C), XPG SX900 512 Go (ASX900S3-512GM-C), XPG SX910 128 Go (ASX910S3-128GM-C), XPG SX910 256 Go (ASX910S3-256GM-C), XPG SX910 512 Go (ASX910S3-512GM-C), SX1000L 100 Go (ASX1000LS3-100GM-C), SX1000L 200 Go (ASX1000LS3-200GM-C), SX1000L 400 Go (ASX1000LS3-400GM-C), AXNS330E, AXNS340E, AXNS361E, AXNS381E, IS22, IS32, ISM21, ISM24, ISM31, IXM25, IXM26, IXM35, IXM37, XM21 and XM21E.

Adata SSD ToolBox 1.2.1

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