Crucial M500 SSD Firmware Version MU05

Crucial M500 SSD Firmware Version MU05. - Firmware for the Crucial M500 SSD is being updated from version MU05. Firmware MU05 is recommended for anyone currently running Crucial M500 SSD or previous firmware releases. It includes incremental improvements and refinements over these versions which may improve the overall user experience.

Version MU05 includes the following changes:

        Improved Drive latency performance in applications with SMART polling
        Improved Compatibility with 3rd party encryption management software
        Corrected Reporting of SMART attribute 196 and 183
        Increased thermal throttling response on 960GB Capacity for greater reliability
        Corrected Upgrade issues experienced on MU03 by some customers
        Numerous Bug fixes and stability improvements

    Additional details can be found in the firmware guide

Crucial M500 SSD Firmware Version MU05

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