Intel® SSD Pro Administrator Tool 1.1.3

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Intel® SSD Pro Administrator Tool 1.1.3. - The Intel® Solid-State Drive Pro Administrator Tool is a Windows* command-line tool designed to support security and manageability settings on the Intel® SSD Professional Family products.

This tool supports the following functions:

  • Detects and reports status of Intel SSDs attached to the system
  • Enables eDrive* (supported on the Intel® SSD Pro 2500 Series)
  • Completes the PSID Revert process
  • Executes a Secure Erase

Before using the Intel Solid-State Drive Pro Administrator Tool, review the instructions in the User Guide.

The tool can be downloaded for either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS.

The downloaded file is a self-contained executable that launches from a command prompt.  The tool needs to be run from a command prompt with administrator privileges.

Intel® SSD Pro Administrator Tool 1.1.3

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