WD TV Media Player Firmware 1.01.30

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WD TV Media Player Firmware 1.01.30. - This new release adds support for BBC iPlayer, BBC News, and BBC Sport for UK users, updates the WD TV End-User License Agreement, and resolves the issue where the player would reboot when manually getting content information.

In addition to that, the issue where content playback stops after a long period of usage has been resolved, and the problems with audio not syncing and constant video freezing when mp4 formats with AAC audio files are used have also been fixed.

Moreover, the TMDB API image URL process has been updated, and the search feature from the Grid UI home screen can now be used from the Western Digital’s infrared remote.

As for installing this firmware, get and extract the downloadable archive, copy all five files onto a formatted USB storage, and connect it to the player’s USB port.

- Supports BBC iPlayer, BBC News and BBC Sport (UK only)
- Supports search feature at the Grid UI home screen from the WD IR remote
- Updated WD TV End-User License Agreement (EULA)
- Updated TMDB API image URL process
- Resolved reboot issue when manually getting content information
- Resolved issue with content playback stopping after long duration of play
- Resolved audio out of sync and intermittent video freezes with .mp4 formats with AAC audio

To update the firmware via a USB device:
- Download the latest firmware update compressed file for your WD TV Media Player.
- Extract the files (.BI2, .BIN, .VER, .FFF, and .INFO files) to the root (top level) of a portable USB drive.
- Connect the USB drive to the WD TV Media Player's USB port.
- Press HOME, Select the firmware upgrade icon, and press ENTER.
- You are prompted to perform the firmware upgrade.
- Select OK on the firmware update prompt, and then press ENTER. This will restart the system.
- After restarting, the system automatically enters firmware upgrade mode.
- Once the update process is completed, the WD TV Media Player will restart again.

WD TV Media Player Firmware 1.01.30

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