Wacom Cintiq/Intuos 3/4/5/Pen/Pro/PL Driver 6.3.20-3 RC WHQL

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Wacom Cintiq/Intuos 3/4/5/Pen/Pro/PL Driver 6.3.20-3 RC WHQL. - The new package of drivers for graphics boards from companies Wacom. Drivers supported operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 at 32 or 64 bits.

Drivers for Wacom tablets:

Cintiq 12WX (DTZ-1200W), Cintiq 13HD (DTK-1300-2), Cintiq 13HD Touch (DTH-1300), Cintiq 15X (PL-550), Cintiq 18SX (PL-800), Cintiq 20WSX (DTZ-2000W), Cintiq 21UX (DTZ-2100), Cintiq 21UX 2010 (DTK-2100), Cintiq 22HD (DTK-2200), Cintiq 22HD Touch (DTH-2200), Cintiq 24HD (DTK-2400), Cintiq 24HD Touch (DTH-2400), Cintiq 27QHD (DTK-2700), Cintiq 27QHD Touch (DTH-2700), Cintiq Companion 256 Go (DTH-W1300L), Cintiq Companion 512 Go (DTH-W1300H), Cintiq Companion 2 (DTH-W1310), Cintiq Companion Hybrid 16 Go (DTH-A1300L), Cintiq Companion Hybrid 32 Go (DTH-A1300H), Cintiq Pro 13 (DTH-1320), Cintiq Pro 16 (DTH-1620), DTH-2242, DTK-2241, DTU-1031, DTU-1031X, DTU-1141, Intuos 3 A3 Wide (PTZ-1231W), Intuos 3 A4 (PTZ-930), Intuos 3 A4 Oversize (PTZ-1230), Intuos 3 A5 (PTZ-630), Intuos 3 A5 Wide (PTZ-631W), Intuos 3 A6 (PTZ-430), Intuos 3 A6 Wide (PTZ-431W), Intuos 4 L (PTK-840), Intuos 4 M (PTK-640), Intuos 4 S (PTK-440), Intuos 4 Wireless (PTK-540WL), Intuos 4 XL (PTK-1240), Intuos 5 M (PTK-650), Intuos 5 Touch L (PTH-850), Intuos 5 Touch M (PTH-650), Intuos 5 Touch S (PTH-450), Intuos Art Medium (CTH-690A), Intuos Art Small (CTH-490A), Intuos Comic Small (CTH-490C), Intuos Draw Small (CTL-490D), Intuos Pen Small (CTL-480S), Intuos Pen & Touch Medium (CTH-680S), Intuos Pen & Touch Small (CTH-480S), Intuos Pen & Touch Small Manga (CTH-480M-S), Intuos Photo Small (CTH-490P), Intuos Pro Large (PTH-851), Intuos Pro Medium (PTH-651), Intuos Pro Small (PTH-451), Intuos Pro Special Edition (PTH-651S), MobileStudio Pro 13 64 Go (DTH-W1320T), MobileStudio Pro 13 128 Go (DTH-W1320L), MobileStudio Pro 13 256 Go (DTH-W1320M), MobileStudio Pro 13 512 Go (DTH-W1320H), MobileStudio Pro 16 256 Go (DTH-W1620M), MobileStudio Pro 16 512 Go (DTH-W1620H), PL-400, PL-500, PL-900 (DTU-1931), PL-1600 (DTU-1631) and PL-2200 (DTU-2231).
News :
- Microsoft WHQL Certification.

Wacom Cintiq/Intuos 3/4/5/Pen/Pro/PL Driver 6.3.20-3 RC WHQL

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