steelseries logoSteelSeries GG driver 56.0.0 WHQL. - Drivers GG for mice, mouse mats, keyboards, helmets, microphones, headphones, speakers, eye detectors and steelserie gaming controllers.

SteelSeries GGSupported OS:
Windows 11
Windows 10 (32 bit, x86)
Windows 10 (64 bit, x64)

History of this version:

Microsoft WHQL certification.
Improvement of the Sonar function.
Adding Game EQ presets for the Sonar function and video games like Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Prince of Persia the Lost Crown, Palworld and Tekken 8.
Minor update of the graphical interface and its translation for the Arctis 1 Wireless, Arctis 7+ Wireless, Arctis 9 Wireless, Arctis Nova 4, Arctis Nova 7 Wireless, Arctis Nova Pro Wireless and Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox for Xbox .
Improving the legibility of fonts on the OLED screen. Two lines are displayed instead of three. International characters are supported as well as emojis.
Correction of many problems.

Supported mouse:

Aerox Series

Aerox 3 2020
Aerox 3 2022 Onyx
Aerox 3 2022 Snow
Aerox 3 Wireless 2020
Aerox 3 Wireless 2022 Ghost
Aerox 3 Wireless 2022 Onyx
Aerox 3 Wireless 2022 Snow
Aerox 5
Aerox 5 Wireless
Aerox 5 Wireless Destiny 2 : Lightfall Edition
Aerox 5 Wireless Diablo IV Edition
Aerox 9 Wireless

Alias Series

Alias Pro

Apex Series

Apex 3
Apex 3 TKL
Apex 5
Apex 7
Apex 7 TKL
Apex 9 Mini
Apex 9 TKL
Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard
Apex Gaming Keyboard
Apex 100 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
Apex 150 Pro Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
Apex 300 Low-Profile Gaming Keyboard Built for Speed
Apex 350 Low-Profile Customizable Gaming Keyboard Built for Speed
Apex M400 Mechanical Pro Gaming Keyboard
Apex M500 Mechanical Pro Gaming Keyboard
Apex M500 Evil Geniuses
Apex M650 Mechanical Pro Gaming Keyboard
Apex M750 Gaming Keyboard
Apex M750 TKL Gaming Keyboard
Apex M750 TKL Gaming Keyboard PUBG Edition
Apex M800 Customizable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Apex M800 Dota 2 Edition
Apex M800 Dota 2 The International 2015 Edition
Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Apex Pro Mini Tournament-Ready Gaming Keyboard in 60% Form Factor
Apex Pro Mini Wireless 60% OmniPoint Adjustable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2019
Apex Pro TKL 2022
Apex Pro TKL 2023
Apex Pro TKL Wireless 2022
Apex Pro TKL Wireless 2023

Arctis Series

Arctis 1
Arctis 1 for PlayStation
Arctis 1 for Xbox
Arctis 1 Wireless
Arctis 1 Wireless Cyberpunk Edition
Arctis 1 Wireless for PlayStation
Arctis 1 Wireless for Switch
Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox
Arctis 3 2016 Black
Arctis 3 2016 Boreal Blue
Arctis 3 2016 White
Arctis 3 2019 Black
Arctis 3 2019 White
Arctis 3 Bluetooth
Arctis 3 Console Black
Arctis 3 Console White
Arctis 5 2016 Black
Arctis 5 2016 White
Arctis 5 2019 Black
Arctis 5 2019 Dota 2 Edition
Arctis 5 2019 PUBG Edition
Arctis 5 2019 White
Arctis 7 2016 Black
Arctis 7 2016 White
Arctis 7 2019 Black
Arctis 7 2019 White
Arctis 7+ Destiny 2 : Lightfall Edition
Arctis 7+ Wireless
Arctis 7P Wireless Black
Arctis 7P Wireless White
Arctis 7P+ Wireless Black
Arctis 7P+ Wireless White
Arctis 7X Wireless
Arctis 7X+ Wireless
Arctis 9 Wireless
Arctis 9X Wireless
Arctis Nova 1 Black
Arctis Nova 1 White
Arctis Nova 1P Black
Arctis Nova 1P White
Arctis Nova 1X
Arctis Nova 3
Arctis Nova 4
Arctis Nova 4P
Arctis Nova 4X
Arctis Nova 7 Wireless
Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Diablo IV Edition
Arctis Nova 7P Wireless
Arctis Nova 7X Wireless Black
Arctis Nova 7X Wireless White
Arctis Nova Pro
Arctis Nova Pro for Xbox
Arctis Nova Pro V2
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless V2
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox V2
Arctis Prime
Arctis Pro
Arctis Pro + GameDAC Black
Arctis Pro + GameDAC White
Arctis Pro Wireless Black
Arctis Pro Wireless White

Arena Series

Arena 7
Arena 9

Kinzu Series

Kinzu V3 Optical Mouse

Nimbus Series

Nimbus Wireless Controller
Nimbus+ Wireless Gaming Controller

Prime Series

Prime 6 Siege Black Ice Edition
Prime Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Neo Noir Edition
Prime Mini
Prime Mini Wireless
Prime Wireless

QcK Series

QcK Prism
QcK Prism Cloth M
QcK Prism Cloth M Dota 2 Edition
QcK Prism Cloth XL
QcK Prism Cloth XL Destiny 2 Edition
QcK Prism Cloth XL Destiny 2 : Lightfall Edition
QcK Prism Cloth XL Neo Noir Edition
QcK Prism Cloth XL Neon Rider Edition
QcK Prism Cloth 3XL
QcK Prism Cloth 4XL
QcK Prism Cloth 5XL

Rival Series

Rival 3
Rival 3 Wireless
Rival 5
Rival 5 Destiny 2 Edition
Rival Optical Mouse
Rival 50 MSI Edition
Rival 95
Rival 95 MSI Edition
Rival 95 PC Bang Edition
Rival 100
Rival 100 Dell Edition
Rival 100 Dota 2 Edition
Rival 100 PC Bang Edition
Rival 100 World of Tanks Edition
Rival 105
Rival 106
Rival 110
Rival 150
Rival 160
Rival 300
Rival 300 Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Fade Special Edition
Rival 300 Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Hyper Beast Edition
Rival 300 Evil Geniuses
Rival 300 Fallout 4 Edition
Rival 300 Predator
Rival 300S
Rival 310 eSports Mouse
Rival 310 Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Howl Edition
Rival 310 PUBG Edition
Rival 500
Rival 600
Rival 600 Dota 2 Edition
Rival 650 Wireless
Rival 700
Rival 710
Rival Optical Mouse Dota 2 Special Edition

Sensei Series

Sensei : MLG Edition
Sensei [RAW]
Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue
Sensei [RAW] Heat Orange
Sensei RAW Optical RGB
Sensei RAW Optical RGB V2
Sensei 310 eSports Mouse
Sensei Dark EDG
Sensei Dark Snake
Sensei Ten
Sensei Ten Neon Rider Edition
Sensei Wireless

Siberia Series

Siberia [RAW] Prism
Siberia 150
Siberia 350
Siberia 650
Siberia 840
Siberia Elite
Siberia Elite Anniversary Edition
Siberia Elite Prism
Siberia Elite World of Warcraft Gaming Headset
Siberia V2 Dota 2 Edition
Siberia V2 Frost Blue
Siberia V2 Heat Orange
Siberia V3 Prism

Stratus Series

Stratus XL for Windows and Android
Call of Duty : Black Ops II Gaming Mouse
Diablo III Mouse
Dota 2 Gaming Mouse
Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse
Heroes of the Storm Gaming Mouse
HP Omen Mouse
Team IG Rival
The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse
The Sims 4 Plumbob
World of Tanks Gaming Mouse
Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard
HP Omen Keyboard
Diablo III Headset
The Sims 4 Gaming Headset
Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker

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